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There is a place in exotic Cuba called Baracoa.
Baracoa is considered to be the Mecca of cocoa.
And somehow, the story begins

I love Cocoa!

People loved it as a magic elixir

Life would be really tasteless without it

I love Bags!

Only bags follow me everywhere without complaining

I love Sports!

Sports teach valuable life lessons like teamwork, determination, discipline and the ability to overcome challenges 

I love People!

That's why I created for you a bag of high quality and aesthetics that has a sweet chocolate story to tell you if you keep it





My need to swirl and indulge in those

corners of my mind,

where the centrifugal force was ejecting me away from my comfort zone,

prompted me to sit for hours alone

behind the window,

rolling a cigarette from

a good mix of imagination and thoughts

that were vaguely defined.

The spark from the friction of the mind

was always enough to light it

and then images, drawings and words

would come out of my lips

that as they slowly burst in a perfect circle sometimes on aquarella and photographic paper and sometimes on delicious chocolates and sports balls.

An excellent art of chance would take shape and a great love was  to be built.

Now, enjoy responsibly...

signature MariaThraskia

The designer

Ανώνυμο σχέδιο (35)_edited.jpg



As the visionary designer behind our brand's ethos of athletic orientalism fused with high fashion elegance, this Two Pieces Surf Swimwear represents the pinnacle of our philosophy.


Engineered for performance and style, it embodies the essence of adrenaline-fueled racing, empowering you to make a statement both on and off the waves– just adjust the bolero and enjoy your cocktail in unparalleled sophistication.  


From conquering the waves to commanding attention at the beach bar, all while exuding the essence of our brand's signature style.

Ανώνυμο σχέδιο (35)_edited.jpg
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