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  • What is the bags size? (Size Table)
    The hand and shoulder bag collection is modern and effortlessly cool. With gorgeous handmade leather straps and satin lining, your handbags are capable of catching all eyes as they are as unique and special as you are. The size of each ball is important as it determines the interior space you have inside the bag. Sizes are the following: The dimensions as defined by World Rugby are as follows: 🏈Length: 11-11,8" / 27.9-29.9cm 🏈Circumference (long dimension): 29,1-30,3" / 73.9-76.9cm 🏈Circumference (small dimension): 22,8-24,4" / 57.9-61,9cm 🏀Size 1 (16"/ 40,6cm) - Micro 🏀Size 3 (22.5"/ 59.9cm ) - Mini 🏀Size 5 (27.5"/ 69.9cm) 🏀Size 6 (28.5"/ 72.5cm) 🏀Size 7 (29.5"/ 75cm) -full size ⚽Size 1 (18 - 20"/ 45.7-50.8cm) ⚽Size 3 (23 - 24"/ 58.4-60.9cm) ⚽Size 4 (25 - 26"/ 63.5-66cm) ⚽Size 5 (27 - 28"/ 68.5-71.1cm) We work with balls of different materials. The description of each Product Code indicates the materials used to make the bag.
  • How long do you need to create my bag?
    All bags are handmade with passion and love. Items in stock: Orders placed will be processed as soon as possible within 2 workable days. Items in pre-order: Estimated turnaround time for your order is 1-3 weeks from the time of order submission (with your payment).
  • How can I contact BARACOCOA?
    BARACOCOA is committed to keep providing you with the best possible shopping experience as you shop online. If you have any questions about our range of customer services, our team will be happy to help you through our email: info(at)
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