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Use Of Terms


By submitting your projects to the eshop, you authorize to promote the Co-Creation Project, which will build, name, sell and distribute under the sole responsibility and preference of
You also authorize to set the retail price ("Retail Price") of all products displayed in the co-creation category and purchased through the online store.

Pricing policy
The retail price charged to customers who purchase products from the Co-Creation category includes:
(i) construction fees and costs,
(ii) the fee for hosting and facilitating the transaction;
(iii) the co-creator's compensation
(iv) any related tax (such as VAT, VAT, etc.) and
(v) shipping costs (unless expressly stated to be excluded)
Prices for Co-Created Projects sold on the BARACOCOA Marketplace are set solely by and may be subject to price changes, discount policy changes, etc.

Time and method of payment to the creators
The Co-Creator fee is set at 4% of the retail price and will always be calculated on the sales of his own Co-Creation Project.
Payments will be made on a monthly basis, via PayPal.
You are required to provide your PayPal account details.
You are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes incurred as a result of receiving any payment from
The payment will be accompanied by a relevant receipt with the analysis of the sales of your project. will not pay you for sales of any product that incorporates co-creations that violate the Terms of Use.
For example, if finds that your Co-Creation Project infringes on someone else's rights, reserves the right to reverse all payments for the Project, whether due or already paid.

End of cooperation
After 6 months, the company will simultaneously end the collaboration with you by deleting the Co-Creation image from the online store.
In case the company wishes to extend the stay of your Co-Creation in the online store, a new agreement will be required.
If there is a dispute over the managed pricing of the BARACOCOA Marketplace or there is a breach of the terms of cooperation, BARACOCOA reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with you early and to delete your project from its website at any time.
In any case, deleting the image of the Co-Creation Project from the online store automatically means the end of the collaboration.
The relevant images will remain on the social networks of the company without any requirement from the co-creator for a fee after the end of the collaboration.
The end of your cooperation will be done by sending the corresponding information email.

Payment Methods
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